Frequently asked questions


Is international shipping available?

Yes! When you add a product to the cart, we automatically calculate shipping charges for you.

How long does shipping take?

Standard shipping is 2-7 business days in Malaysia and 5-15 business days worldwide.

About the Mask

How effective is the mask against microbes?

Carbon Masks are 3-ply, providing three layers of protection to reduce the spread of aerosol transmissions.

  1. The outer layer is made of a moisture-wicking cotton knit material. The water repellent nature of the outer layer blocks respiratory droplets and aerosols from coming into contact with the wearer's face. This is important as many respiratory viruses, such as COVID-19, spread through large droplets from coughs and sneezes.
  2. The middle filter layer is made of a reusable meltblown nonwoven filter material, similar to a surgical face mask.
  3. The inner layer is made out of a soft, breathable cotton-microfibre material—absorbing and containing oral droplets. In addition, the interaction between the inner layer and outer layer material produces an electrostatic charge that increases the mask's aerosol filtration efficiency.
Please note that Carbon Masks are intended for personal use and not for medical professionals. Carbon Masks should not be used in a medical setting where the wearer may be exposed to high infection risk through hazardous particles or through significant and prolonged exposure to infectious bodily fluids. In such clinical settings, Carbon Masks cannot replace the use of medical-grade particulate respirators such as an N95 mask.

What is the size of the mask?

The mask is designed to fit all adult face sizes and shapes, with a stretchy, comfortable elastic loop. Measurement Details: Height: 13cm Width: 12cm Diameter of Ear Loop: 9cm Please see below visual for size guide for both our mask collections.

Where is the mask produced?

The mask is produced in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We have partnered with a renown manufacturer that has produced industry standard PPE gowns and medical masks for over 25 years. They adhere to the highest SOP for sanitation and hygiene practices with certifications from MITI.

Can I wear the mask without the replaceable middle filter layer?

Yes, you can! The mask can function perfectly fine without the middle filter layer, as the inner and outer layer produces an electrostatic filtration against microbes by virtue of their fabric interactions. The middle filter simply functions as an extra layer for maximum protection.

How long can the mask last for?

The mask itself can last forever (so long as it maintains its shape), but the filter is reusable for up to 5-10 light uses. The filter must be taken out before each wash. You can replace the filters after using it for 5-10 light uses, order directly from our site!

Care Instructions

How do I wash and dry the mask?

We recommend handwashing the mask with gentle detergent. You can also machine wash on a handwash gentle setting, but handwashing is best to maintain the function and the shape of the mask for as long as possible. It's easy to sanitise and wash the mask by hand and can be done within 10 minutes.

  1. First, sanitise your hands before wash.
  2. Then, take the middle layer filter out and set it aside.
  3. Rinse and soak the mask in a basin. Add gentle soap or detergent, swirling the mask around. Soak for 5 minutes. Make sure you only wash one mask at a time, as washing multiple masks in a basin can lead to cross-contamination.
  4. Once done, leave the mask to hang dry or lay flat indoors.
  5. And you're done!

How often should I wash the mask?

We recommend washing the mask after every usage, but we know that life can get in the way of that. Washing once every few days, with light usage, will keep the mask clean.